iHealthEngines is a rewards-based health education and compliance platform that is transforming medical practices by leveraging the positive impact of personal physicians on their patients. Our highly effective and personalized education solution empowers patients to make informed choices about their health, increase medication compliance and patient safety. A key differentiator is that we make the personal physician an integral part of the patient’s health education.

Key Features:

  • Personalized Health Education -Enrolled patients will use the iHealthEngines personalized platform to learn about their health, medical conditions, and treatment options
  • Increased patient compliance - The solution transforms consumers from passive listeners to active participants.
  • Continuous Engagement - Patients are motivated to remain enrolled through continuous involvement of the physician and the use of rewards

What patients gain is:

  • An understanding of their health, medical conditions, and treatment options
  • An enhanced ability during clinical visits to effectively participate in discussions with clinicians
  • A sense of empowerment and control and financial rewards

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iHealthEngines is a rewards based platform for health education and change management that empowers consumers to take charge of their health.

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